The Top Reasons you need Landlord Insurance


📊 Homeownership data from the 2016 Census shows a homeownership rate of 67%, down slightly from 68% in 2011. 
Rates among different age groups have varied over time. Homeownership rates have decreased among people nearing retirement as well as those 50–54 and older. 👩‍🦳️
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🏘 A prudent landlord recognizes that a renter will need to move out from time to time and will respond by allowing the tenant to sublet.
In general, if your lease does not ban subletting or includes exclusive occupation, you will be free to do so. 
🤝 Subletters may be required to meet specific screening requirements, and unqualified applicants may be denied. 
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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Over the last few years, the share of households renting from private landlords has disproportionately affected younger families, with more significant growth in the proportion of young Australians renting compared to older Australians.
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🏡 One-bedroom apartment located on level 5 in the grand Opera building, one of the most sought after locations. 
You'll have access to the opulent lounge, private dining room, wine cellar and garden terrace. Residents can also access a pool, gym, spa and sauna. 🧖‍♀️
Hurry up! 🤸‍♀️
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🗣 It is essential to speak to the property manager when it comes to what is required. Every renter has been a first-time renter before. 
There are several documents you can use to strengthen your application. They will make you look like a much stronger applicant in the manager's eyes. ✒️
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☃️ In the lead-up to Christmas, you may visit Brisbane's King George Square to see a giant Christmas tree. 
Animated projections convey delightful Australian Christmas stories on the walls of City Hall. 🎄
🤔 Let's celebrate together! Are you going to be there?
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📅 This is an excellent question to ask at the outset of a conversation. It's probably not going to work out if you aren't ready to relocate until November 1, but the landlord is searching for a tenant to start on December 1.
We've had several chats with prospective great tenants, but they weren't interested in moving in when we needed them. If the move-in dates don't match up, it's a waste of time, so find it out as soon as possible. ⏳
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🧼️ Preparing your home or apartment for tenants can significantly impact the amount of rent you can charge and the type of tenant you get.
A clean, well-maintained, and attractive property is more likely to attract tenants who will take pride in it and, more importantly, take good care of it. ✨
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✍️ Harriet Martineau, the first female sociologist, was an English social thinker. 
She wrote from a sociological, holistic, theological, and feminine perspective, translated Auguste Comte's writings, and earned enough money to sustain herself, which was unusual for a woman writer at the time. 💁‍♀️
Her words are still valid, so many years later! 📖
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📧 Getting a reference from the employer or other staff member proves the employment and acts as a character reference for reliability and responsibility.
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